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P.O.T.  MAXIMUM IMPRESSION, Minimum space.

Introducing P.O.T., designed by AIM (www.aim-architecture.com), an accessory storage line for those who seek to (save space) magnify their urban living spaces without compromising on style or personality.P.O.T. is intelligent storage space and at the double function of side tables and decorative sculpture. The elements can be playfully stacked and combined to create individual pieces of furniture. P.O.T. is as vibrant as your lifestyle.

P.O.T. is available in four shapes and bright colours and invites you to store things in style so that living spaces can shine.

“P.O.T. is like a Brancusi infinity column. A system of vessels that you can be stack to be a side table , a storage column, a sculpture.”

Vincent de Graaf, founder of AIM ARCHITECTS

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