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WØNDERWALL – Staging your lifestyle

WØNDERWALL, designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group (ww.ifgroup.org) is versatile, serving as a wardrobe, shelving unit, workstation, or media wall, depending on your setup and chosen add-ons. With its organic, sleek lines and premium materials in stylish colors, WØNDERWALL transforms urban interiors into personalized, inviting homes.What sets WØNDERWALL apart is its intuitive understanding of urban dwellers' needs. Effortlessly blending chic style with practicality, these products offer smart solutions that maximize limited space without compromising on trendiness.

“The wall can do more! We wanted to turn it into an active surface, and create great added value, especially for small urban spaces.”

Tilla Goldberg, director Brand Spaces & Product Design at Ippolito Fleitz Group


Small stage BIG EFFECT

Discover the flawless fusion of beauty and practicality with the Nook setup. Customize the shelves of this captivating WØNDERWALL variant or adorn it with gracefully designed hooks, elevating your cherished items to an impactful display. Immerse yourself in a world where books, plants, and decorative accents are showcased with effortless style, creating a harmonious ambiance that delights the senses.


EYE-CATCHER for every entrance area

The Wardrobe Setup from WØNDERWALL seamlessly combines aesthetics, organization, and functionality. With a mirror for an extra touch of elegance to every room, hooks for convenient hanging, and versatile shelves for stylish display, it's the perfect solution for showcasing your personal belongings with ease. Embrace your unique style while maintaining order and functionality.


Dynamic workplace for MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY

Work smart and stylishly with our Home Office setup. The Desk element offers tool-free height adjustment for seamless transitions, boosting productivity. Recessed sockets ensure tidy cable management. The high-quality folder add-on provides functional support, while versatile shelves add depth to the wall. Unleash your creativity and design a workspace that suits your needs.


DIVERSE FLEXIBILTY with stylish features

Create captivating multimedia experiences in your living room with the LivingWall setup. The Mount Add on conveniently holds your television, while the Desk Add on maximizes storage space for consoles and devices. Intelligent cable management keeps wires hidden, and integrated inductive charging stations preserve a modern aesthetic. Elevate your living room with WØNDERWALL's LivingWall for a seamless blend of style and technology.

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No matter how big or small a space is we believe that furniture should encompass various stages of living. Interior pieces can make one feel safe, feel comfortable and feel at home. By using ecofriendly materials and a modular system, we want to contribute to a more sustainable future.
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