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Ästik UNVEILED: Design and Innovation

Ästik, the new high-quality design brand, was launched at the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK with the presentation of the first two products wønderwall, designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group and P.O.T. designed by AIM Architects. 

The entire motto of the launch was "vibrant living". Visitors had the opportunity to play with the modular products and discover new possibilities. It was a buzzing event with great feedback on the products!

VIBRANT LIVING – Bold Debut at Berlin Design Week

The event itself not only showcased these innovations but also turned into a dynamic playground for design enthusiasts, allowing them to interact with and personally experience the flexibility and creativity embedded in Ästik's offerings. This hands-on approach significantly enhanced user engagement, cementing Ästik’s position in the design world as a harbinger of functionality and style.

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No matter how big or small a space is we believe that furniture should encompass various stages of living. Interior pieces can make one feel safe, feel comfortable and feel at home. By using ecofriendly materials and a modular system, we want to contribute to a more sustainable future.
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